5 Things To Do In Cornwall When It’s Raining

Obviously, here in Cornwall it's sunny nearly every day of the year! However every now and then we do get some inclement weather that means the beach may not be first on your list of locations to visit. Luckily even if it's raining outside there's plenty of things to do in Cornwall when it's raining.

5 of the best walks in Cornwall

With over 2000 miles of footpaths in the county listing 5 of the best walks in Cornwall was never going to be easy. Luckily we got the experts at iWalk Cornwall to make some suggestions based on some of the most popular overnight locations for our customers.

A Motorhome Tour of North East England.

Former Kernow Kampers customer and well known travel writer Marita Phenix visited us for a wedding in Penzance last year. She enjoyed her stay in Denzil the Minidub so much that she recently took advantage of our UK wide delivery service and toured the North East in one of our motorhomes. Her top destinations and campsite tips can be found in her article below. Rumour has it she's already planning her next motorhome adventure for the summer!

A guide to driving in the UK

Used to travelling down the autobahn in km/h? Instead of stop do your signs say "geill sli"? No idea what a roundabout is? Our tips for driving in the UK are here to help!

Sensational South Coast: A motorhome tour around Southern England.

Although most of our customers book a motorhome hire in Cornwall some people prefer to travel further afield. This tour takes in the Southern Coast of Britain before heading back to Cornwall across the country taking in some of England's most historic cities. The write up provides a route suitable for around 3 weeks but this can be altered to suit the length of time you've hired your campervan for.

Tips on Visiting a Christmas Market in Europe

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't have a great motorhome adventure! Why not consider a roadtrip to visit some of the best Christmas markets in Europe?

Customer review of our minidub Denzil

A few weeks ago our minidub, Denzil, headed off to a wedding in Penzance with Marita and Paul. Marita has been kind enough to share her experience in this review

8 Autumn Events in Cornwall

September is nearly here. the kids are back at school, the roads are quieter and the beaches less crowded. Even better is that Autumn in Cornwall still means less rain and higher temperatures than the rest of the UK, in fact, on average. Here's a list of Autumn events in Cornwall to help you plan your trip.

Prom Season!

With the end of the school year comes the Prom season, Cornwall's school leavers dress up and let their hair down to celebrate the end of their GCSE's. This year was great for Kernow Kampers with hires from The Eden Project to Lands End. Take a look at some of the comments and photos we received from happy parents and prom goers!

Introducing our VIK tour range (Very Important Kampers)

At Kernow Kampers we don't just provide motorhome hire in Cornwall, we provide the best tailored tours for campervan hire across Europe! Drawing on years of experience of motorhome travel we're committed to doing the hard work of planning an unforgettable tour so you can concentrate on having a great time without the stress or uncertainty of where to go, where to sleep and what to do! Become one of our Very Important Kampers for your next trip!