Private Owners Rental Scheme

Let Kernow Kampers do the hard work for you

Want a “free” motorhome? Own a good quality motorhome in excellent condition? Finding that you’re simply not using the vehicle as much as you expected? Use our expertise to put your vehicle out for rental and earn a return on your investment. With research showing motorhomes spend on average 80% of the year parked on driveways or in storage today may be the day to realise its earning potential.

Why Kernow Kampers?

With years of experience in renting motorhomes to the public Kernow Kampers have the expertise, systems and networks in place to ensure your rental income is maximised. To streamline the process we can advertise, insure and maintain your motorhome and handle the admin and cleaning associated with renting campervans out. We even stock the vehicle with an extensive inventory of equipment meaning your personal possessions aren’t used by the public.

With our company being recognised as an established and trusted brand within the tourism sector are customer base ranges from Cornwall, the rest of the UK and even beyond into Ireland and mainland Europe. Appearing on page one of Google and effective advertising campaigns on social media mean we’re over subscribed and quickly book up our current fleet for the season. Take advantage of our success by partnering with us today.

How does the scheme work?

From the initial discussion to the first successful hire, we’re committed to maximising the possible return from your motorhome. If we feel the motorhome is suitable for our fleet we explain what price band is achievable for your vehicle and the most suitable audiences to advertise the vehicle to. With the option to make the vehicle available for hire for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of the year we discuss likely occupation rates and potential earnings following expenses and our commission.

As soon as you’re signed up to the scheme your motorhome will be treated as one of our fleet. The campervan with appear on our website as available to rent and will receive a proportional share of our company advertising. When someone sends an initial enquiry, we recommend your vehicle if it’s the best fit for their needs, we don’t simply fill our own motorhomes and leave surplus to private owners.

In order to rent out a motorhome there are several certificates and checks that need to be completed and suitable insurance needs to be in place. For peace of mind we can handle all of this for you, meaning you don’t have to worry about everything being correct and legal.

How Does The Rental Process Work?

We process potential renters and ensure they are suitable to rent a motorhome, this includes checking their driving history and obtaining proof of address. We will also take into consideration any restrictions you would like to place on potential hirers. Our administration staff ensure all the required information is collected for the insurance and customers have agreed to our terms and conditions.

Before rental our staff conduct a thorough pre-hire check, provide a comprehensive handover to the customers and take a damage deposit to cover the insurance excess. By taking a large deposit we find customers take extra care in the motorhomes and treat them as their own. Should any issues occur during the rental we will deal with these, again taking the stress and worry away from you as the owner.

Following the return of the vehicle it is thoroughly cleaned and valeted inside and out and a comprehensive check of the motorhome is undertaken. Only when the vehicle is confirmed as being damage free is the customers deposit returned.


How am I paid?

Your earnings are paid monthly and a report of enquiries, bookings and payments is sent to you to check. Obviously we’re always available to answer any queries you may have.

Can I use my own motorhome?

Your expected use is discussed before joining the private owners scheme and will be taken into account when offering a guide to potential earnings. Should you wish to have an unplanned trip away we will do what we can to accommodate this. As an owner you also get discounted rates on other vehicles in our fleet for yourselves, friends or family.

What if the vehicle is damaged?

In the first instance any damage caused on rental is the responsibility of the hirer and the cost will be taken from their damage deposit. Most of the damage to motorhomes during rentals is accidental and minor, this maintenance is completed in-house and is free of charge to the owner.

In the event of more extensive damage we will liaise with you on the best way forward and handle any insurance claims as necessary. In the case of the damage not being covered by the insurance we will handle the settlement with the renter.

Where is the motorhome stored?

Your vehicle will be kept at our storage depot in Cornwall, whilst available for hire it will be covered by our fleet insurance.

If taken off hire, the vehicle can remain on site if agreed but will require an extra insurance to cover against loss or damage whilst stored.

What can I earn?

This isn’t simple question to answer, we provide a predicted earnings calculation that takes into account the age, style and model of the vehicle as well as the amount of time throughout the year it is available for hire. This calculation is based on our years of experience in the tourism sector and we’re always happy to discuss ways to increase rentals if required.

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