Kernow Kampers motorhome hire terms and conditions

Our motorhome hire terms and conditions must be agreed to before your booking is finally confirmed. Please contact us with any queries.


Drivers must be aged between 25 and 70 and must have held a full UK driving license for at least 2 years. Age groups outside this bracket may be insured with an additional premium and will be down to our insurer’s discretion. Non UK residents should enquire prior to booking.

Additional drivers can be added to the insurance policy at a cost of £20 per day. Only drivers named on the policy at the time of hire may drive the vehicle.

Fully comprehensive insurance is provided for the motorhome within the hire charge and for the hire period only. Driving outside this period of cover would deem to be an offence under the road traffic act. Furthermore the hirer is entirely responsible for any accidental damage, injury and consequential loss after the expiry of the hire period.

Personal effects and contents are NOT covered by our insurance. The hirer should cover such items separately and agrees to fully indemnify Kernow-Kampers from any loss or damage.

Any additional premium to our insurance cover as a result of driver convictions or accidents will be passed on at cost to the hirer and will need to be paid in full as part of the overall hire fee.

The driver/s covered under the policy will be responsible for and driving with £1250 excess. We require payment of £1000 as an upfront contribution towards the insurance excess along with any associated costs against the driver’s or hirer’s credit or debit card. Accepting these terms indicates authorization to the Lessor to be able to follow this process. Kernow-Kampers reserve the right to increase the security deposit to cover the full £1250 excess before hire. In the event of a claim, the first £1250 will be met by the hirer. This excess can be reduced with the purchase of CDW insurance.

In the event that any damage to the motorhome is not covered by our insurance for whatever reason then Kernow-Kampers reserve the right to charge the repairs and any associated costs in full to the hirer.

The refundable damage deposit of £1000 is payable on the day of collection via card. The damage deposit will be refunded on the return of the vehicle on time and in the same condition it was hired. Deductions will be taken from this deposit in respect of any damage, late returns and equipment replacements costs. The deposit is refunded in full within 5 working days of the satisfactory return of the vehicle.

Your card information will be stored for 30 days and may be used in the event of an insurance claim being made to cover the remaining £250 excess.

It is advised that hirer takes out personal accident / travel insurance when travelling outside of the UK.

Any damage to tyres, windscreen or any other part of the vehicle not covered by our insurance will be put right at your expense and if required a withdrawal may be made on your card in addition to the £1000 damage deposit.

Kernow-Kampers must be notified if the hirer intends to leave the country in the motorhome. Failure to do so would invalidate your insurance cover and breach the terms of the hire agreement. European cover can be added to the cost of hire at the rate of £10 per day. Maximum European hire term is 28 days.

Booking and payment details

Reservations can be made either in person, by telephone or by email but will only be held once a completed booking form has been completed / received with a deposit of £250 per week which is non-refundable.

Confirmation will be emailed within 48 hours after the deposit has been paid.

Full payment is one calendar month before the collection of the vehicle.

Payments can be made by cash, pre-paid voucher, cheques debit and/or credit card. Any vouchers purchased are non-refundable and must be used within 12 months of purchase. Payments by cheque must clear at least a calendar month from booking commencement.

All bookings made within a calendar month of the hire commencement date must be paid in full at the time of booking.

 Late returns will be subject to a charge of £25.00 per hour for the first 2 hours or part thereof or daily charges of £250 as appropriate.

Cancellations and no-shows

All cancellations must be in writing to Kernow-Kampers.

All deposits paid are non-refundable. All monies due and received within 28 days of the commencement of hire are non-refundable.

If you cancel with more than 28 days’ notice any payments will be refunded less the deposit paid.

No shows will forfeit the entire hire charge.

Kernow Kampers reserves the right to cancel hire if at the commencement of hire the driver/s licenses are invalid or not according to the conditions set out. In these circumstances the total hire charge will be forfeited.

Vehicle collection and return.

Standard hire runs from 16:00 on the collection date until 10:00 on the return date.

Collection time is between 4.00pm and 8.00pm and return time is from 8.00am and 10.00am. Failure to comply with these times will result in hirer being charged at the rate of £25 per hour or part hour during the first day until midday and then £250 per day per 24 hours. Please give advance warning by telephone of any potential late return as your insurance cover may expire before your journey is complete.

If for any reason you are unable to make the handover period at the start of the hire it may be necessary to arrange the handover and collection to a new time or day.

Please ensure that we have received all the necessary paperwork from you before you come to collect the motorhome. These should include a copy of your driver’s license and 2 separate forms of identity such as a passport or recent utility bill for each driver. Should we fail to receive these prior to collection of the motorhome we reserve the right not to release it to you. In this case no refund will be issued.

No refund is given for early return of the vehicle

On return of the vehicle all hirers are to ensure the vehicle, fridge and cooking appliances are clean and tidy and the chemical toilet is emptied, clean and free from waste. Each carries an additional charge of £50 deductible from the security deposit.

It is entirely the hirer’s responsibility to check that on collection the vehicle is free from damage and defects. Any damage will be agreed by the owner and hirer and recorded before commencement of hire.

You may leave your car with us while you are away. All vehicles however are left entirely at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise.


Whilst we endeavor to make every effort to ensure the vehicle is ready at the agreed time, circumstances may arise out of our control and we accept no liability other than the refund of the day or days lost. We will endeavor to inform you at the earliest opportunity of any potential delays.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the vehicle reserved is available, if the reserved vehicle is not available we reserve the right to offer an alternative vehicle of a similar type or to refund the booking in full. Signing this Motor Vehicle Rental Agreement is deemed as the commencement of the hire and acceptance of the vehicle supplied.

Breakdowns and accidents.

If there is a breakdown or accident Fiat Camper assistance will be at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Any breakdown, malfunction or damage caused by the hirer’s negligence will be made good at your expense.

Every effort is made to ensure the vehicle is in a roadworthy and safe condition before every hire. Therefore Kernow-Kampers dissolves any responsibility for hotel stays or any other consequential expenses subsequent to a breakdown.

The maximum height, width and length of your vehicle is clearly stated on the dashboard. Any damage is the responsibility of the hirer.

In the event of loss of keys, contact Kernow Kampers immediately. Do not attempt to force entry to the motorhome. A charge of £100 will be levied for the loss of any keys to the motorhome.

No responsibility is accepted by Kernow-Kampers for any loss or damage or expense which occurs as a result of any accident. In the event of an accident the hirer must not admit responsibility. The hirer should obtain the names and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses. In additional the Hirer should make the motorhome secure, tell the police straight away if anyone is injured or there is a disagreement over who is responsible and contact Kernow-Kampers immediately. The Hirer must also produce an accident report and send a copy to Kernow-Kampers. We suggest you use a mobile phone or camera to photograph the accident, surrounding areas and anything that might prove useful after the accident.

The Hirer is responsible for any damage to the windscreens and windows, punctures or other damage to tyres or vehicle during the hire period. Where possible damage should be repaired or replaced as appropriate and paid for by the hirer at the time. Failing this, an amount will be deducted from the deposit against damages for the cost of the repairs.

Any repairs carried out by Kernow Kampers will be charged at the rate of £30 an hour.

Fuel, gas and water.

A full tank of diesel is supplied with the vehicle at the commencement of the hire and we expect and require the tank to be returned full. A £30.00 charge will apply for any fuel shortage PLUS the amount needed to fill the tank. This will be taken from the deposit.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to check and maintain oil and water levels to vehicle specifications during the hire.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to check the tyre pressures of the vehicle, these are clearly marked above each wheel arch / in the hire guide

Two gas cylinders will be supplied at commencement of hire: at least one will be full. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check connection of new gas bottles for leaks when fitted.


The hirer must ensure that all passengers must wear seatbelts provided.

The hirer is responsible for all parking and / or motoring offences during the hire period. Any such fines / penalties incurred during your hire received by Kernow-Kampers post hire will be invoiced to you plus a £30 admin fee.

The hirer is liable for all damage to the vehicle including but not limited to overhead, underside and exterior.

The hirer must ensure the vehicle is not overloaded and carries only the correct number of passengers according to vehicle specifications.

The hirer must not use the vehicle for hire or reward.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is locked and alarmed / security devices activated when left unattended. All windows and skylights should be closed and secured.

The hirer will ensure all hatches and doors are securely fastened during transit

You must immediately advise Kernow-Kampers as soon as you become aware of any fault with, or damage caused to the motorhome.

If called out to assist customers Kernow Kampers reserve the right to charge for our time at £30 per hour.

If called out to assist the hirer Kernow Kampers reserve the right to charge £30 an hour inclusive of travel time and fuel costs if the call out is deemed to be caused by the hirers negligence or unnecessary.

You may not tow any trailer or vehicle without express permission prior to hire from Kernow-Kampers. Should you wish to tow please advise us at the time of booking. Our team will need to confirm in writing as part of the contract that tow permission has been granted. We will require full detail of the item to be towed along with appropriate insurance cover for any vehicle including insurance cover whilst being towed.

The Motorhome may not without the prior written consent of Kernow-Kampers be taken outside of England, Wales or Scotland

The Motorhome must not be driven in a manner which would render void the policy of insurance, or in contravention of any Road traffic Act or Construction and Use Regulations, or by any person who is not licensed to drive the Motorhome or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, nor must it be driven in the event of mechanical, electrical or structural failure if further damage might thereby be caused. The Motorhome must not be used for hire or reward, for any illegal purpose or for racing, pacemaking, testing the Motorhome’s reliability and speed or teaching someone to drive;

It is a breach of this agreement for the Hirer to fail to return the Motorhome at the end of the rental period and the damages payable for such breach will be the rental charges that would be payable on the current rates of hire for the period until Kernow-Kampers recovers the Motorhome or receives the full value thereof, together with any recovery costs incurred by us and any other costs incurred by the late return of the Motorhome. In addition, the Hirer shall full indemnify the company in respect of any claims for loss (including legal fees) brought against the company by any third parties arising out of or as a result of the Hirer’s failure toreturn the Motorhome at the end of the rental period.

If the Hirer commits any breach of this agreement the Owner may treat the agreement as terminated and take possession of the Motorhome.

Your information.

If the Hirer breaches any part of this agreement Kernow-Kampers reserves the right to provide some or all of the information provided to it by the Hirer to credit reference agencies, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), debt collectors and any other relevant organization for any purpose stated in the Data Protection Act 1998.


All animals other than guide dogs have to be approved by Kernow-Kampers at the time of booking at an agreed daily rate. If approved, all damage howsoever caused by the animal(s) will be charged to the hirer in full. The hirer will also be liable for any additional cleaning charges. These will be deducted from your security deposit if applicable.


Kernow Kampers operates a STRICT NO SMOKING policy in our motorhome. Failure to comply will result in the loss of the hire deposit.

Ending the agreement.

If the Hirer is an individual this agreement will terminate automatically in the event of the Hirer being declared bankrupt. The Owner may terminate this agreement if the Hirer does not meet any of the conditions of this agreement.

If the Hirer is a company, this agreement will terminate automatically if the company goes into liquidation or calls a meeting of creditors. The Owner may terminate this agreement if the Hirer does not meet any of the conditions of this agreement

Termination of this agreement shall not affect Kernow Kampers right to receive any money owed under the conditions of this agreement. The company may also claim extra costs from the Hirer if the Hirer does not meet any of the conditions of this agreement.


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