5 of Cornwall’s best hidden beaches

Think Cornwall, and you think beaches! OK, you may think pasties, cider or mining first but then you’d think beaches! Nowhere in the county is ever more than 15 miles from the sea and with 400 miles of coastline and around 500 beaches there’s plenty of exploring and fun to be had. We could go with the traditional go-to spots around Newquay, Perranporth or Hayle but we wanted to give a different view. Here’s our top 5 hidden beaches in Cornwall.

View of Carne , a hidden beach in Cornwall

1) Carne/Pendower

Carne and Pendower beaches are on the edge of the village of Veryan on the Roseland peninsula. The beaches join at low tide but the rocks and waves mean they are separate for around 2 hours before and after high tide. Carne was named in a National Geographic’s “Top 10 Beaches in the World” article but remains reasonably quiet. The shallow sloping beach makes an ideal location for swimming, with a clearly marked swimming area in the summer. The rocks at the end of Carne are a hotspot for snorkelers looking for those elusive wrasse, bream and bass, whilst at low tide they make a great site for rockpooling.

2) Polly Joke

Situated between Crantock and Perranporth, Polly Joke is one of Cornwall’s hidden gems. Like a lot of the hidden beaches in Cornwall, Polly Joke isn’t the easiest to access. When visiting we tend to park at Crantock and take a stroll along the coastal path to reach it. The sheltered beach, surrounded by cliffs makes wind less of an issue and carves it’s way deeply into the coastline. Amongst the cliffs there are numerous caves and rockpools to explore. A note of caution, the narrow beach means tides can rise very quickly, check the tide times before setting off.

3) Lantic Bay

Situated a mile or so from the village of Polruan, Lantic Bay is truly stunning. Approaching the secluded bay from the cliffs means you’re met with a truly world-class view. The views are so good, the National Trust have built a car-park in the middle of nowhere for access! The walk from the car-park and down the cliffs takes some time but definitely worth the effort. For wildlife fans, there’s plenty to see, seals, peregrines and cormorants are all regular visitors.

4) Kynance Cove

Although well known and popular in the summer, Kynance still doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The views are picture perfect and many a photo have been taken on the approach to the secluded bay. Situated on the Lizard Peninsula, Kynance is a maze of rocks, tiny beaches and caves, low tide reveals some truly stunning locations. The layout of the cove means rip tides are common and the water very cold. Be aware before swimming on what the conditions are like that day. If visiting with a young family it may be better to enjoy the coastal walks and sand rather than the sea.

5) Mill Bay

Mill Bay is situated close to Land’s End, this whole stretch of coastline is a collection of small coves and hidden beaches. Only accessible by foot, the beach can be sandy or strewn with rocks from the sea depending on the weather. Although it doesn’t sound the best we’ve chosen Mill Bay for one very special reason, Nanjizal Pool. The tidal pool incorporates a natural rock arch, known as the “Song of the Sea” and, again, is truly special. If the sea has been rough and the beach isn’t suitable, simply continue along the coastal path to the next bay.


We hope you enjoyed our short write up, if we’ve named a beach you’ve not yet visited please give us a share on social media! Don’t forget you can find more on what we offer here: www.kernow-kampers.com/motorhomes. We look forward to bumping into you on our next trip to our now not so hidden beaches in Cornwall!

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