8 Autumn Events in Cornwall

September is nearly here. the kids are back at school, the roads are quieter and the beaches less crowded. Even better is that Autumn in Cornwall still means less rain and higher temperatures than the rest of the UK, in fact, on average, September has better weather than June in the South West meaning the season can extend much later than other parts of the country. To top it off the Duchy has lots going on over the next couple of months, why not jump in a minidub or motorhome and take a look for yourself? Here’s a list of Autumn events in Cornwall to help you plan your trip.

1) Gorsedh Kernow Esedvhos Festival. (http://gorsedhkernow.org.uk/esedhvos.html)

Cornwall is very proud of its Celtic history and has many events through the year celebrating the fact. The083016_1317_8AutumnEven1.jpg Esdvhos Festival is a 4 day fiesta running from August 31st-September 4th featuring bands, bards, poets, dancing and even the occasional tipple and pasty being consumed. The host town changes each year giving different venues the chance to open their doors to let the public see their links to Cornish history, with this years’ host being Saint Keverne. If a night of Celtic music, a tour of a historic mine or watching a traditional bardic ceremony sounds like your sort of thing be sure to book your tickets to this eclectic mix of activities.


2) Little Orchard Festival (http://www.cornwallciderfestival.co.uk/)

Healeys Cider Farm, Penhallow produces cider, mead and scrumpy that’s sold throughout Cornwall and beyond, with Wetherspoons stocking their “Rattler” cider nationally. Apart from making amazing drinks they also host an annual music festival in the grounds of the farm, running from Friday 9th-Sunday 11th September. This year see’s the final night headlined by Reef, but we have to admit to having a soft spot for local band Emerald who play some great songs and stole the show last year. The organisers allow campervan and motorhomes on site early meaning extra time to soak up the atmosphere and sample the free tasters of their range of drinks. If you’re interested in tickets for the festival, let us know, we’re offering a discounted package including a van, motorhome pass, and full weekend access to the event.

3) Newquay Fish Festival (http://www.newquayfishfestival.co.uk/)

Autumn events in Cornwall definitely feature a lot of festivals and Newquays Fish Festival is one of the best known. Currently in its 14th year, 2016 sees the event run from the 16th-18th September and is sure to prove popular. The fun doesn’t stop with fish, there’s demos by chefs, music, talks and even a pirate event with cannons. Whether you know the difference between a Red Snapper and a Mullet, want to run away to see as a pirate or just enjoy your fish covered in batter with chips there’s sure to be something for you, just make sure you arrive early to get the best spot when the award winning chefs are giving their demo!

4) Thundeautumn events in cornwall RIB boatrcat Boat Racing World Championships (http://www.thundercatracing.com/)

Watergate Bay is most famous for surfing but lots of different sports get in on the act throughout the year, the 24-25th September sees the World Championship tour of Thundercat Boats arrive and show Cornwall what they’re made of! The RIBs are designed for
speed with a lightweight design and powerful engine. With plenty of races throughout the weekend you’re sure to get the chance to see these cutting through the waves as well as enjoying the café’s and attractions Watergate offers. If you fancy a go yourself the website even gives information on getting started for yourself.

5) Beer Festivals (http://www.edenproject.com/visit/whats-on/beer-festival) and (https://mada.tickethive.co.uk/oktoberfest)

In recent years October has become the month of beer festivals with the famous Oktoberfest in Munich leading the way. However, just because you’re in Cornwall doesn’t mean you have to be left behind, all the major towns have events throughout the month but our favourites have to be the Eden Project (1st October) and Oktoberfest Cornwall in Truro (7th-8th October). The Eden Project has talks during the day on brewing and famous “foodies” hosting free sampling events, with the night event offering nearly 100 beers in various sizes, all set amidst the famous biomes. Oktoberfest Cornwall is held in the Piazza and this year sees twice the number of beers, bands, serving staff and fun! Drinks are served in traditional 2 pint steiners, don’t worry if you don’t own some lederhosen, you can buy some behind the bar!

6) British Stand Up Paddleboarding Competition (http://www.bsupa.org.uk/category/events/)

Not many people realise but sea temperatures run slightly behind air temperatures as it takes so long to heat and cool down, this means September and October has fairly mild water temperatures, combined with bigger waves and it’s easy to see why so many people hit the beaches to surf. In recent years the sport of paddleboarding has become more popular and the 6th annual British Championship will be held in Newquay on the 1st and 2nd October. Seems to us to be an ideal time to jump into the sea and give it a go yourself before watching the professionals take to the water and show off

7) Falmouth Oyster Festival (http://falmouthoysterfestival.co.uk/)                       

One of our favourite towns in Cornwall, Falmouth always has great events throughout the year, October 13th – 16th sees the annual Oyster Festival arrive. Now in it’s 20th year the festival is a firm favourite of locals and tourist alike and celebrates the traditional oyster harvest that happens in Autumn. Local laws means no motorised vehicles can be used to harvest the oyster beds and the sight of the sail boats tacking back and forth has adorned many a postcard over the years. The festival has gotten bigger over the years and features chefs, demos, music and craft stalls, with the town itself also having museums, restaurants and great beaches. Falmouth is a must visit!


8) Halloween Events (Various)

We couldn’t write about Autumn events in Cornwall without mentioning Halloween and the area sees events throughout the county at venues ranging from stately homes to the streets of Newquay, we could spend ages listing them all but have decided to mention a couple of highlights, firstly for a real fright “Pirates Quest” (http://piratesquest.co.uk/) in Newquay are offering an adult only Scare Evening on the 30th October and the streets will be packed with zombies on the 28th with the infamous Zombie Crawl through the town centre. Local legends are resurrected with events based around the spooky “Owlman” at Mawan Porth and the towns of Saint Ives, Penzance and Falmouth all have ghost walks throughout the month. We’d recommend booking Denzil, our pumpkin orange van complete with fairy lights to continue the Halloween fun back on the campsite.

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