Introducing AK Wildlife Tours: A great day out from Falmouth

AK Wildlife tours have been operating from Falmouth for around 15 years and are recognised as market leaders when it comes to providing premium quality, marine based wildlife tours. Captain Keith Leeves shares what to expect should you book in for a trip around the coast in search of dolphins, birds and even the occasional whale! 

AK Wildlife Tours: What to expect

Before I write anything else, I would just like to extend my gratitude and thanks to Nolan and his fabulous Kernow Kampers . For this exciting opportunity to tell you all, a little bit more about myself and my dedicated fun filled, educational and exciting wildlife cruises.
I was incredibly privileged, to be the ” FIRST ” to set up these, my dedicated wildlife cruises here in Falmouth, Cornwall .
Way back now in 2002/3.
Hopefully setting the high standards, Codes of Conduct and the Protocols we follow .
To look after, conserve and protect all the incredible diversity of outstanding wildlife.
We sight, observe and record, here in the rich and sheltered waters of Falmouth Bay .
On each and every wildlife cruise I do .
Photography is actively encouraged on all my wildlife cruises, along with maximum client participation. Should you wish .
As it’s always happily, the more eyes the better .
Helping us all, to observe the very best and most wildlife possible.
On each and every dedicated wildlife cruise we do .
Being a passionate naturalist first and foremost .
There is nothing that give me more pleasure than sharing my knowledge and passion for all wildlife with you all .
My dedicated wildlife cruises are available ” DAILY ” , throughout the whole year .
We have no age restrictions and happily will head out,with just my minimum of two people booked onboard Free Spirit .
Which is a lovely, well appointed comfortable Motor Launch.
Fully Licensed and fully Insured, for a maximum of Twelve passengers and Two crew .
With individual comfortable seating with back rest outside.
Along with further seating for everyone, inside our fully windowed and spacious saloon .
Clean modern Toilet facilities and full a full commentary is given throughout all the cruises .
AK Wildlife Cruises offer a variety of different wildlife cruises throughout the year .
With a 4 hour wildlife cruise, being our everyday cruise.
Along with a 7 hour wildlife cruise being available during the Summer Months and special Snorkelling trips offered with Basking Sharks in season .
We also happily offer Private Hire and Group bookings.
Research and scientific charters too .
Along with a Media and Filming platform if it’s required .
To cover the many nautical events here in Falmouth .
You can happily find out more about us and our many wildlife sightings .
By visiting our website .
Or our Facebook page.
AK Wildlife Cruises .
Prior booking is required for all the cruises . Which is easy to do over the phone . As we except all the major Debit and Credit Cards .
We are very easy to find . Just as you come into Falmouth and Free Car Parking is happily available for all .
If you have binoculars and cameras, please bring them with you.
Along with something to eat and drink .
We always ask that everyone wraps up nice and warm, on all our dedicated wildlife cruises throughout the year .
As it’s always cooler offshore, even in the height of the Summer.
Windproof and Waterproof outer clothing . Tops and Bottoms, is always good to have . Just in case of rain or showers .
You might well find you don’t need them .
However, it’s always best to pack them in, just in case .
With your participation and support, in booking up and joining me on any of my dedicated wildlife cruises.
Everything we sight and observe throughout the cruise, is happily documented and recorded .
To be then freely passed back in.
To all various Conservation Groups, Wildlife Trusts and our fabulous local University .
The Combined Universities of Exeter.
All of whom, we happily work very closely with.
If you would like to find out more .
Please don’t hesitate to email
Or if you would prefer to phone 01326 753389 .
I will be delighted to hear from you all .
If I should not pick up . Please leave a slow clear message with your contact details and I will happily phone you back on my return .
Looking forward to sharing lots of exciting wildlife adventures with you all .
For now.
Warmest regards .
Capt: Keith.B.Leeves
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