10 Reasons to hire a minidub for a road trip in Cornwall…

Our unique minidubs offer a different approach to holiday making, meaning that getting from A to B is as much of the enjoyment as actually arriving at your destination. Based on Japanese Kei trucks our vehicles may be smaller than a full sized motorhome but still provide everything you need for an unforgettable visit to the UK’s best holiday destination! Still not sold? Check out our list of reasons that a minidub is the vehicle for you!

1) Flexibility: Without doubt, a major plus for using any campervan is the opportunity to be as flexible as you like, if you’ve seen everything you like in an area or the weather conditions means the best surf spot is on the other coast, it’s as easy as turning a key and putting your foot down to get there. No hassle with expensive hotels or lots of forward planning, you can be wherever you want, when you want! Not sure where you want to go? Don’t worry! We’re happy to provide all the information you need about the towns, villages and beaches of Cornwall to ensure you get the most out of your holiday.

2) Size: There’s no escaping the fact that in order to see the best beaches in the county visitors are going to have to leave the A30 and travel through some back roads and lanes. Our vans have a width that’s ideal for the narrow, winding routes and makes navigating them much easier than using a full size motorhome or 4×4. Although small the clever drop down seating system means they do still feature a 1m80 x 1m50 sleeping space, easily enough for two people to share.

3) Availability: Under 25? Struggling to find a company willing to let you drive their campervans? Don’t worry, Kernow-Kampers are here to help! Due to the unique size and engine in the minidubs we’re happy to hire to anyone over the age of 21, something most companies don’t consider. With 3 unique vehicles to choose from we’re sure to have the vehicle you need. Under 21? Contact us, depending on our insurance company we may still be able to help.

4) The Look: It takes a very grumpy person to see Denzil, Jethro and George II and not smile! Be prepared for waves, horn beeps and conversations when people see you. Obviously we’re biased but the minidub campervan is a look that people just seem to love! Be sure to take looks of photos with the van wherever you end up, we love to share them on Facebook www.facebook/kernowkampers or Twitter www.twitter.com/kernowkampers!
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5) Price: With other companies charging £800-£1000 for a campervan during peak summer months our prices are simply unbeatable. Our prices start from under £10 per person, per night, cheaper than a takeaway pizza! At these prices why wouldn’t you say yes to an amazing, unique holiday experience!

6) Customer Service: We founded our company after finding it impossible to find a decent quality campervan at a sensible price, many companies aren’t clear on their prices and restrictive insurance policies and admin make hiring a real headache. We’re committed to making your booking as simple as possible at a price that works. Our customer service doesn’t just end with the booking, we can provide everything you need, whether it’s hiring a surf instructor, booking a campsite or just a recommendation for the best places to eat we’re here to help!

7) Group Bookings: Imagine the scene, 12 of you wanting a great holiday in the best part of the UK, booking at an unbeatable price and hitting the road to Newquay for some fun! If you want to book all 3 vans we even give you one van half price. What could be better than an evening by the beach with a BBQ, minidubs and great friends!

8) Scenery: We’re not just beaches and surf, we also have moors, castles, country houses and miles and miles of open space. Nothing can beat the wonder of turning a corner on a coastal road and seeing St Michaels Mount in the sunlight or watching the sun set over the rugged Bodmin Moor. We even have the amazing B3306, joining St Ives to St Just, often voted Britain’s most scenic route this road has simply amazing views.

9) Special Events: Our minidubs aren’t just for a short break or holiday, we also hire them with drivers to get you to and from your special event, we’re available for Proms, Weddings, retirement parties or just a unique way of getting to and from a night out! The big day is sure to be made even more enjoyable with a minidub as part of the celebration, who could resist a smile at our amazing vans pulling up for that extra special arrival.

10) The Campervan spirit: We’re not sure if it’s the unique look, the sense of freedom or the exhilaration of being on the open road but there’s just something special about a holiday in a minidub. People have enjoyed their breaks so much they’ve even bought a van off us at the end of their hire! Book now and get ready for an unforgettable road trip!

Customer review of our minidub campervan, George II

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  1. Can’t thank Nolan and Jodie enough for letting me, my wife and my little boy hire jethro for the past week. From start to finish they were most helpful and accommodating. Picked up the minidub and found it in showroom condition then have spent a week exploring the scenic side of Cornwall. Absolutely perfect for the narrow roads especially to some secluded beaches which Nolan told us about and a definite conversation starter when we found ourselves enjoying meals in some fantastic local pubs with beautiful views and friendly local people. Sleeping in jethro was fun and comfortable and at no point did it feel like we were “camping”! Definitely not my type of holiday until I tried it and now I can see us being one of Kernow Kampers’ regular annual customers. Experience 10/10. Location 10/10. Value for money 10/10

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